How do I ship my firearm?
Being a licensed FFL manufacturer/dealer enables us to accept firearms from individuals. The following are guidelines for shipping your firearm to us for repair or restoration.
  • Long guns (rifles or shotguns) may be shipped USPS, UPS, or Fedex.

  • Handguns must be shipped UPS or Fedex using overnight priority status only.

  • Handguns can only be shipped through USPS if you hold a FFL license.

  • Insure your firearm for the shipment

  • Do not ship loaded firearms!

  • Secure your firearm in bubble wrap or similar, or utilize a gun case inside an appropriate sized shipping box in order to protect your firearm.

Shipping Information:

WadeCarol Gun Sales
8280 E. CR 950 S.
Cambridge City, IN 47327
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (765) 744-8735
What are my choices for my metal finish?
Your options are almost unlimited for your metal finishes. We can provide you with the traditional bluing type finishes, but we prefer to utilize the most modern firearm coatings available. These will provide superior wear resistance and total protection from rust and chemicals. We will consult with you as to the endless options.
What are my choices for my wood finishes?
Your options for your wood finishes are vast as well. The final choice really depends on what you are going to do with your firearm. We can provide any level of finish you desire, but we will consult with you to ensure the end result meets your needs.
My firearm is really rusty and pitted can this be saved?
These are the firearms that we specialize in. No matter how rusty or how pitted these firearms are we can make these look new again. See our restorations examples pictures.
My firearm is broken and doesnít function!
Repairing your firearm can be part of the restoration process. No matter the age, these can be repaired to shoot again. We will consult with you about the options for your project.
My gunstock is badly dented and cracked!
In many cases these can be repaired with some new modern techniques or can be replaced with a completely new stock. We will consult with you about your options.
I want to restore this firearm and install a new scope!
As part of the restoration process we can incorporate any new accessories you want to add. For example, if we were to add a new scope, we would also bore sight it for you and send the target to you to show you that it is on the paper.
I want to camouflage my firearm, can you do this?
Yes we can camouflage any firearm. There are over twenty standard patterns, but we can also provide something different to meet your special requirements. Contact us to further discuss your requirements.
I have this really old gun and Iím not sure if itís worth restoring!
This is our specialty! Let us consult with you on this project. We have done many projects like this and can provide you with first hand information. You might be surprised what can be done on a limited budget!
How do I know I will get what I asked for?
Before starting any project we will provide you with a detailed quotation. The quote will give all the details of the restoration project. It will also provide a quoted not to exceed price. Any changes that are made during the restoration process will be documented by quote revisions.  We will also ask you to acknowledge the quote to start the process.

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