Here's some of our latest work.

 Ruger Model 77

This rifle was from the Dakotas and had been used heavily as a real hunting rifle. It had all the usual nicks, dings and scrapes we see with all the hunting rifles. The owner wanted it refinished in Duracoat to provide rust protection and as a bonus received the non glare finish as well. He also wanted a new butt pad and the stock refinished. While repairing all the nicks and dings in the metal we recrowned the barrel to help with the accuracy. Underneath that worn factory finish we found a beautiful piece of walnut as shown in the photo. This turned out to be a real elegant rifle when it was finished

Winchester 97 as received


Winchester 97 as restored

When we first looked at this job we really wondered just how rusty was it? It was hard to tell from the pictures, but we had to assume the worst. When this model 97 finally arrived in the shop, it was far worse than we had imagined. This old shotgun had more pits and blemishes that a teenager and the gun was non-functional. It took us two weeks of soaking in our rust tank and a lot of broken screw driver bits to finally get it apart. Each and every piece was then cleaned and inspected. Any parts that needed repaired were replaced. Then we filled all the pits and blemishes with “Durafill”. The customer had chosen to finish the shotgun in a “Duracoat” gun blue finish. The shotgun was reassembled, test fired and returned to a very happy customer. We may note the customer chose not to refinished or replace the butt stock or forearm. We also awarded this customer with the rustiest gun award to date!


We received this as a parts gun (barrel and receiver) from a customer who wanted to make it into a Rogue Hunter or a plinker. We started by disassembling what we had to determine what was missing and if the rifle would function. The customer also wanted to add a synthetic stock and scope. The folding bayonet was machined off because it was not needed (and was badly bent), but we kept the folding mechanism so that it could retain the cleaning rod. The new scope base was added and a shell deflector was fabricated to divert empty shell casings from hitting the scope. The customer chose not to refinish the metal parts, leaving it in the rough. The new rifle was bore sighted and tested at the range, where it shot respectable two inch groups. If you have never shot an SKS, they are a blast, and one of the cheaper rifles to shoot.

Mosin Nagant 91-30 Sporter Project

This was a huge transformation from what was to what you see. The customer brought in a WW II era Russian Mosin Nagant 91-30. It was an unissued rifle and was in really like new condition. He wanted to make a hunting rifle out of it and did not want it to resemble a military rifle when finished. We started by doing an intense cleaning and stripping of all components. The Mosin is really a well made rifle. It is a hammer forged barrel and receiver, and even the front and rear sight bases are forged into the barrel, which we had to machine away. We crowned the muzzle end of the barrel. The bolt handle was machined off to accept a new bent down bolt to provide clearance for the scope. The barrel and receiver were then refinished with ‘Duracoat’ in a non glare satin black finish. This will provide total protection from the elements on those hunting trips. The new synthetic stock was glass bedded to help increase accuracy. We bore sighted the rifle as we do all our projects, and tested the accuracy at 100 yards using WW II surplus Bulgarian 7.62 x 54 ammo. Even with this old ammo, the rifle shot groups of 1.25 to 1.50 inches. We called this good enough!

Savage Model 23aa Sporter

When we received this gun the stock was broken in two and there were many parts missing. It had been in an attic for many years and was very rusty. It was basically non-functional. The gun belonged to the customer’s grandfather so he wanted it brought back to a usable condition. We inletted a new walnut stock with a very deep high gloss finish and added new sling swivels. All metal parts were also parkerized per the customer’s request.



JC Higgins 12ga Bolt Action Shotgun

This customer had used this shotgun as a child. (Dating to the late 50’s) It was in very bad shape. He wanted to bring it back to new condition with a touch of customization. The stock was dented, cracked, and scraped beyond repair, so we inletted a new walnut stock and gave it a deep satin finish. Most of the metal parts were very deeply pitted with rust. We repaired the pits with Duracoat, and added a rich looking satin finish. To complete the project we also added a fiber optic front site.



JC Higgins 12ga Bolt Action Shotgun

When we received this shotgun the stock was spit under the barrel, it was very badly dented, the finish was gone, the recoil pad was gone, and several parts were missing. The customer did not want to spend the extra money for a new stock, so we repaired the existing and coated it in a military green since he was a military buff. A new recoil pad was added as well as several missing parts. The customer chose a satin black finish which made for a really neat looking classic!



1920’s Stevens .22 cal Bolt action Rifle

We received this one it was in a box and was in pieces. It was a family heirloom and the customer wanted to fix it and pass it on to his grand daughter. It was very rusty and the stock was cracked in two places. The customer felt it might be more appealing the grand daughter if it looked more modern. So he chose to Sporterize it! We repaired the stock and added a matte black finish. All the metal parts were coated with Duracoat Stainless. To finish it off we removed the old iron sights and added modern fiber optics. The transformation was awesome! And his grand daughter loved it!



12 ga Single Shot Shotgun

This customer had owned this shotgun since he was a child and wanted to try and restore it to new condition. He had left it under his bed, and it had been sprayed with a chemical by the exterminator. The results were horrific. The barrel was severely pitted, all the bluing was gone, and the action was rusted shut. The finish on the stock was completed eroded away and the recoil pad was damaged. The customer wanted it to look as new as possible. We repaired all the pits with Duracoat. Next, we applied a rich deep black satin finish to all the metal parts and finished the stock with several coats of high gloss finish. To finish off the project an upgraded recoil pad was added. It now looks better than new!


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